How do I post an ad?

Are you logged in?

If you don’t have an account with us, you’ll need one to post an ad. Register an account, then click on ‘+Add Listing’ to start.

Anything I should know before I post?

Yes. We have rules on the site. Some are for all ads, others depending on the type of ad you want to post. Try to have a quick read through them, to avoid us having to contact you to change something.

3 Steps to listing your game

  1. Click the icon in the top right hand corner '+Add Listing' this will open a new page with a search bar. Using the search bar type in the name of your game 

    --If your game appears skip to step 3--
  2. Your game has not appeared you will now need to add it to the database
    Click on the link Game not found '+Add Game'
    From the dropdown select the format your game is on.
    Enter the name of the game in the Search bar "Enter Title"
    Then click the search button.
    Click the green button '+Add Game'
    On the new screen that opens confirm this is the correct game you want to add by clicking  "+Add First Listing"
  3. Complete the form in full this will improve your chance of a trade/sale (if possible upload an image of the physical item, this will show perspective buyers the quality of the product.)*


You have now posted your first game! It is now on you will be notified via the email address you registered with if any one wants to buy or trade your item. Remember come back regularly to see what others are posting!

*You have the option to sell/swap or both this is activated/deactivated by simply clicking on the icon you wish to activate.